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Need to Test Internet Speed

You probably have a better speed than you are getting right now. Just to make sure that you are making most of your internet, you can take an internet speed test.

The second thing that it helps with is that it allows you to adjust your budget. Supposedly, you have opted a package that is committed to giving 10 Mbps, but you take a speed test and come to know that you are getting the speed of 5 Mbps and you are working fine with it, then you can switch to a different pack which provides you with 5 Mbps speed. It helps you to cut down the extra price that you were paying before for your internet.


Mechanism of a Speed Test

Basically, the internet speed test checks your upload and downloads speed. The mechanism of a speed test is very simple; some files are downloaded on your device by the testing tool to check the time it takes to download a file. Similarly, to check the uploading speed, the testing tool uploads some duplicate data and monitors the rate of upload.

Figuring Out the Result Of the Speed Test

Your internet speed test shows the uploading speed and the downloading speed on the screen.

Uploading speed tells about how fast you can upload in an internet server. So, if you do too much of gaming online, or if you require to send or share large files, or even video chatting, then you need a high uploading speed.

Downloading speed simply tells about the time it takes for files to download or a page to open. It is the rate of data to be received by your device. If you like to watch a lot of videos at the same time or download any large files, then you require a high downloading speed.

Will the Security Software Interrupt your Speed Test?

To test the speed of your internet, the testing tool downloads some fake files in your device. These files are not harmful to your device since they are just dummies, but if your security software detects them as a threat to your device, then it might activate firewall to put it away. If this happens, then it can affect the speed test because it will take longer for a file to download, or it may not download at all.

To avoid such a situation, you can turn off the security software until you do your internet speed test. You can turn on the security software once the speed test is over.

Variation in Speed In Comparison with the Test

It always seems like you are getting a little slower speed than what your speed test is showing. It happens because of the IP overhead. You have probably heard it many a time that every computer consists of different IP. IP is the term used for Internet Protocol, which is how data is transferred from one computer to another. So, to transfer this data, your data is initially broken down into small pieces, these pieces are known as IP packets.

Now, these packets are required to reach a specific location and reconfigure themselves there. To do this, your computer puts some routing instructions on each package so they can reach the desired location without getting lost. It puts reassembly instructions known as IP header so that those packets can put themselves back together to convey the message.

So the IP header of each packet contains different data, and the file you want to send contains its own data. Both these combined are known as the payload. So if you are going to upload a file of 5 Mb, then it will also contain some IP headers when you send it, which means that you will have more payload than 5 Mb. It will take longer for it to get transferred since it contains more payload. This is why your speed seems a little slower to you.

Why Choose Us for Speed Test

Every speed test uses different servers to test the speed of your internet. When you start you’re your speed test with us, our system looks through a large number of servers to find out which, according to your location, would work the best for you.

The accuracy of the results is highly maintained by executing the nearest server possible. Other speed tests might use servers that are far away, and this might lead your internet signal to a distant place that usually doesn’t happen. Leave it to us, and we will provide you the best and accurate results.

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