How much internet speed do I need?

It depends on what type of internet user you are. People use the Internet differently for different purposes. Some people like to do a lot of downloading; they download games, songs, videos, etc. Some people use it mostly to watch shows and other entertainment stuff, and then come those people who use it only for business.

Theinternet speedrequired largely depends on your use. For instance, if you use your Internet mostly for downloading things but are facing buffering issues while downloading, then you might be using a low-speed internet than actually required.

It also depends on the number of devices that you use the Internet on. If you have other devices in your home that use the Internet, then probably you need some help in deciding how much the Internet would be appropriate for you. Worry not! We have got you covered on this. Our internet speed testing tool analyses the optimal internet speed required according to the use that you make of it.

Before we proceed further, let’s dive into a little more knowledge aboutinternet speed.


Internet Speed and Its Measurement

Let’s say that you want to send some files to another device through the Internet. So, to transfer this data, your data is initially broken down into small pieces, these pieces are known as IP packets. Now, these packets are required to reach a specific location and reconfigure themselves there. To do this, your computer puts some routing instructions on each packet so they can reach the desired location without getting lost and puts reassembly instructions known as IP header so that those packets can put themselves back together to transfer the file. The same thing happens when you want to download a file, this time these packets just reassemble themselves at your side to show you the file. Both these processes are known as uploading and downloading, respectively.

When you take aninternet speedtest, these uploading and downloading speeds occur separately. Some service providers provide low uploading speed but high downloading speed. Low uploading speed can be a problem for those who play a lot of online games or are frequent users of cloud sharing.

To get rid of this problem, you will have to change your internet service provider (ISP) and look for an ISP who can provide you with symmetrical bandwidth that means with even uploading and downloading speed.

Service Types that may affect the speed of your Internet

The type of technology used in your area to provide the Internet has a noticeable impact on the speed of your Internet. There are four types of technologies used, and these are:

DSL and Satellite internet connectionsare much slower than other internet connections. In satellite services, the internet signals rebound from the satellite and reach your home. These rebounded signals are slowed down by the outside weather and other internet users. DSL services work by using phone lines, but their data use is limited.

Cable serviceis a way of getting high-speed Internet, but its use is also limited as it uses data from the nearby providers.

Fiber connectionsare a way of getting high-speed Internet with great efficiency, but they are not available in many places currently.

There are a lot of speed tests available on the Internet to help you identify your current speed. Nonetheless, our testing tool is a little premium than others. Our tool uses a few factors to determine the total usage of the Internet in your house and then helps you to determine the speed that you need.

Factors determining the speed of your Internet:

Number of devices

The number of devices that use the Internet in your house may be plenty. The internet speed gets divided amongst all the users, which leads to a noticeable decrease in speed. Hence, the number of users is an essential factor to consider.

Total internet users

The number of members using the Internet in your house affects the speed of your Internet significantly. The internet speed gets divided up amongst the users.

Internet usage activities

It includes the things that you and other members of your family use the Internet. You could be using it for streaming some High definition videos, but other members are probably playing some online games or downloading some heavy files, or maybe video chatting. All these activities require high speed on the Internet. And if all these things are happening simultaneously, it requires a good internet connection.

These factors help our tool to determine the speed of your Internet. It benefits you by figuring out the speed of the Internet you need, so you are saved from the hassle of extra billing or low speed.

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