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Xfinity from Comcast has covered many boundaries in California. Almost 39 states come under the diameter of this giant cable company. This is not only cable company providers but also provides fibre internet services that are operational and helpful for 18000 people. What makes Xfinity different from Comcast?Comcast is more focused on the product, and the services and Xfinity focus more on residential area related services.

Points which make an Internet provider best

1.High-speed Internet - In this world of dazzling aura, everyone wants to strengthen up their grip on the steering of a speedy vehicle. That's what Xfinity does but leaving its client overwhelmed by the speed thanks to the coaxial wire. We have jotted down the plans for this provider, and you will be blown up if we tell you that it can provide a speed of up to 2000 MBPS

2.Customer service - Xfinity has been picturized and brought into existence in 2010 since then they have managed to give the best service to their customers. It has been ranked 59 in the internet services industry for its service. This rating is suitable according to the internet services industry.

3.Customer reviews - What matters for a customer before making a purchase is the reviews that the product has got. This internet provider has got a rating of 43, which is again so good as the average rating is 48 and it manages to give very close figures to that.

4.Some essentials - Xfinity takes its step into the essential Internet program. This program provides free Internet to the people who meet a particular income line. Mainly, by this program, they focus on children who are poor and can't afford expensive charges of the Internet. Therefore, the money they get from people is also circulated for social work

5.Availability - Xfinity covers a vast area in the USA, so you need to enter the PIan, and they will be ready with the plans they are available with.

What makes Xfinity so speedy?

The fibre technology has given the back support to Comcast, and it uses Coaxial wires to flow the easily between the cables. Moreover, their network identifies whenever it comes to slow speed at any location, and this is possible just because if every single minute report of distortion of a system. If any blockage has been identified, then they apply boosters to assist the customers in the best way.

Bundled up

Xfinity provides three services

Internet services

Cable network

Phone Service

We used to heap that all your appliances would be connected to the Internet and silently Xfinity many steps for that. It provides a functionality named Xfinity Home which covers camera and alarm system. This can be easily be controlled through your mobile phone. How special you would feel if your Netflix is just a few taps away from your TV? Very special, of course. Xfinity combines your internet with the Xfinity X1 TV, so the DVD box present will help you access the internet on your TV itself. It is just a blend of all the services present with a single Internet provider.

There are two different plans

1.Bundled up plans

2.Contract plans

Bundled plans - These plans turn out to be cheap and provide extra benefits also. It is always suggested to opt for such plans, as they take all the money early and later stay on their promise to provide unstoppable services. This plan would not be favourable for students who stay at any location for a temporary basis or can relocate

Contact Plans - These plans are for a monthly basis and would cost you need about $10 which is expensive than the bundled plan but gives you freedom from investing such a considerable amount

Deep dive into plans

$29 per month - In this plan Xfinity offers a speed of 15 MBPS, and this speed is sufficient for you if you are not doing more than just watching normal definition videos and surfing on the internet.

$39 per month - This plan is known as performance plus plan where the speed that is offered is 60 MBPS, and this speed is good for downloading the stuff quickly and watch HD videos.

$60 per month - This plan is known as Blast Pro, and the speed that it offers is 275 MBPS which is good. If we compare the price of the last project, then this plan would turn out to be less expensive.

$300 per month - "Gigabit Pro" as the name states it is a plan that comes up with all the features that are Tv, Internet, and phone services. The speed offered by this plan is marvellous that is 2000 MBPS which is way so much for watching super HD videos, downloading movies withing dew minutes and many more.

Conclusion - In this article, we have listed down every reason which makes this Internet provider different from any other provider present in the USA

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