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What is satellite internet?

As the name suggests, satellite internet uses the satellite for the internet; the frequencies are transmitted from the satellite to the dish located on your house. It does not use any wires to provide the internet. This service is beneficial for those who do not get cable services in their area.

What are the types of equipment used for satellite internet and how it works?

The satellite internet requires a lot of pieces of equipment along with the Network Operation Center.

An Internet Device - This is the device that is prepared to access the internet whenever required. These devices may include smart gadgets like smart TVs, smartphones, gaming consoles, etc. These internet devices work as sender and receivers of the data through a modem or router.

Modem- A modem works in various ways to provide internet service to an individual. The modem acts as a translator of the data; it translates the data in the form that can be easily perceived by the satellite dish as well as your internet receiving device. A cable known as Ethernet cable can also be used to connect your smart gadgets directly to the modem, this helps to provide faster speed to your device.

Router- It is not possible to always connect your smart gadget with the modem using Ethernet cable. Moreover, using cables can get confusing and almost impossible when you have multiple internet consuming devices at home. So a router comes into the role. It helps to make the modem Wi-Fi enabled so that all the devices of the household can use internet through Wi-Fi service.

Some modems are already installed with a router in them, but these are very difficult to update. Updating the device gets more comfortable when you buy the router and modem separately.

Satellite dish- This satellite dish is a device that helps to project signals to the other satellite that provides the internet and then it receives the translated information back. The satellite dish is also used to project channels on the TV. The positioning of the dish plays a significant role in signal transfer; this can be done with the help of your internet service provider. If the position of your satellite dish is not right, then you may face trouble with the speed and network.

The space satellite- Another satellite is required for your internet system; this satellite lies in the space and passes the information to the internet lying on your terrace. It provides communication between the internet service providing centre and your satellite.

Network Operation Center- When you use the internet on your devices, they send a beam to the space satellite through the dish satellite, this beam is request information which is transferred to yoursatellite internet providerthrough the space satellite. From there, this information is processed, translated, and transferred to you while accepting the request and providing further information. It may seem to be a very long procedure, but all this work is done within fractions of time. Although sometimes this information may take a little longer transfer making the speed a little slow, a lot of advanced technologies have been made today which helps to cover this speed lag.

Pros and Cons of Satellite Internet

Pros- It is possible to use the satellite on multiple devices. The satellite internet does not get affected by the number of users since it uses a high bandwidth.

The speed of the satellite internet is much faster than the dial-up internet.

A telephone line is not required for the satellite internet.

Cons- The first and foremost thing is that your dish should be directed properly. If the dish is not placed in the right direction, then it does not catch signals properly and causes the poor connection of the internet.

If there are any obstacles in the way where your dish is pointed, then its speed will be affected by them. These obstacles can be anything like branches of a tree, a building, etc. Even a bird can cause problems to the connection.

Since the files that are transferred and received travel a long distance, i.e., from your dish satellite to space satellite to dish satellite of the internet service provider and then back in the opposite direction, it increases the ping time of the server making the internet connection slow sometimes.

How can I find the satellite internet or TV provider?

We know the difficulty of finding a satellite internet and TV provider that would prove to be perfect for you. You may not believe it, but your locality is full of different internet service providers. We have created a database and placed them in different categories. These categories include different types of services along with the service providers.

It is possible that you could find the satellite internet and TV service from the same service provider, or you can also choose to opt for different service providers for each service. Whatever works the best for you, you have the liberty to go with that option. Now to find the best Satellite Internet and TV service provider, you have to enter your Zip Code in the search bar provided on our website. You can search theSatellite internet and TV provider by Zip Codeonly. You are provided with this service on our website of easily finding your Internet Service Provider.

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