Frontier Communications: high-speed network service


Speed is something in which everyone is interested in, but in today's world; you need to take care that which Internet provider is providing excellent services or the one who has just put on some fancy advertisements.

Frontier Internet service providers are based in the USA and have covered around 29 states in which they provide their speedy network. The major coverage is in Florida and California. They are known for their DSL services which are spread across 55.5 million people which automatically makes them the 5th largest residential service provider in the USA. We have jotted down some plans which let them stand off the crowd. The Internet providers in this crowd could fool you by charging huge and in return might not be able to make you feel happy about the speed. Frontier takes care of it from the very start.

Vantage high-speed Internet - Almost every home in the USA is having phone lines so coming up DSL wouldn't be difficult for them. Moreover, the plans that are provided in the DSL service plan are cheap as compared to Fiber. These plans are for you if you are in the requirement of average speed. The number of users or devices that can use it at the same time is five, which is pretty good. Let's have a look over the plans it provides

$29 - $34 per month - In this plan, they offer a speed of 50 MBPS to 120 MBPS. This speed is sufficient of you are watching movies online, downloading music, or any live streaming activity. On concurrent users accessing sams high load of data it could start buffering but yes if your usage is normal then this plan is for you

DSL services are more common in rural areas as it difficult to provide Fiber at those remote places. Areas that are under the reach of Fiber technology have some real high-speed internet experience. One thing is very common that we used to pay higher for the services which help us move quickly. We have listed down the plans which are available in Fibre

Vantage Fiber - In this play, they use to provide a speed of 500 MBPS to 700 MBPS and that pretty cool. The tasks that can be covered easily in so much speed are

● Downloading movies and streaming online - Whether you are watching series in normal or HD, the chances for those videos to buffer is very less. The chances for slow speed generate only when multiple concurrent users are accessing the internet at the same time that too with all of the data usages

● Surfing - Whenever a website is been loaded it is not just the data that get loaded but all the videos and link attached to it get loaded and at time website's size go so high that it takes few seconds to load. In this Internet service provider, all this process would just happen in just a blink of an eye

FIOS Fibre - This Internet plan is for people who are having 7 members at their place and are having a high requirement. The speed that it offers is 1000 MBPS which is way beyond awesome. The cost for this plan turns out to be $200 per month

There are some Pros and cons for Fibre vs DSL

Availability - The availability of DSL would be much higher than Fibre. The reason is again the cost and demand. As DSL turns out to be cheap and stands perfect if your work is not related to high-speed usage.

Speed - Fibre is something which is ruling in the market in terms of speed.

Contract - In DSL there happens to be no contract and the internet is been provided every month but in Fibre there is a 2-year contract. This is been done due to high costing attached to Fibre and getting the connection established is on its own a big task for the company. So to bare the cost these regulations are been applied.

What makes them separate from other Internet providers

Security - The data that you are surfing can be leaked as various hackers are doing this as their full-time work but how to get saved from all this? well, there are certain aspects of Frontier in which a firewall is been applied to prevent unauthorized access. Thus saving your data in the best possible way

Customer Service - Frontier has improved its customer service way a lot. Now a single request of yours or any complaint starts getting resolved within seconds. You need not wait for long hours and they take care of the Internet and understand how important it is to serve their customers in the best possible way.

Conclusion - We have listed down all the reasons why you should go with this Internet provider. Now you just need to go along with your requirements and choose the plan accordingly. We hope that this article is going to help you in establishing the network at your place

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