What Is Wireless Internet Service provider

what is wireless internet service

As the name states, a wireless internet service provider provides internet service and enables users to access the internet anywhere without any wires or cables. They provide services based on wireless networking. Wireless Internet providers use radio frequency bands to connect to the Internet and offer a very high speed. Wi-Fi (stands for Wireless Fidelity) is the most widely spread Internet access methods. Its demand is growing with the increased usage of portable computers and Internet-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones, PDAs, game consoles, etc. It serves most mobile devices. Therefore, free Wi-Fi services are available in public places such as hotels, airports, and restaurants to provide Internet access to customers.


Specialized Wi-Fi hotspots are also available where you can get free or paid service. Therefore, it is the most versatile Internet access method, as you can use it everywhere as long as you are within the coverage zone of an Internet-connected wireless network. It is ideal to use wireless Internet for connecting mobile devices, performing internet tasks such as web browsing, and streaming in standard or high definition.

For Wi-Fi internet to work, your modem will translate the internet signal from your wireless internet service provider. After that, then a wireless router will distribute the connection to Wi-Fi enabled devices.


What are the advantages of wireless Internet?

  • The primary advantage of the wireless Internet is that you can browse the web from anywhere you like as long as you have a signal from your router.
  • Another benefit of using the wireless Internet is that you can connect several different computers to your router, and each computer can browse any website of their individual choice without interfering with the other users.
  • You can connect several different devices such as cell phones, tablets, PDAs, etc. to the Internet through the wireless router. Wireless Internet enables you to connect multiple devices at once without any wires or cords.
  • A good Wi-Fi router can extend wireless internet signals throughout an area of 2,500 square feet or even larger. And for larger areas, Wi-Fi extenders can be used as they boost signal range and strength.
  • As the Wireless internet does not need to travel through the atmosphere to the satellite to transfer the information, it is much faster.
  • The wireless network can be used by more than one user without the difficulty of slow speed. The speed of the wireless network does not drop with multiple users.


What are the types of equipment used?

An Internet Device

It is the gadget set up to access the Internet anywhere you want. These may include devices like TVs, cell phones, gaming comforts, and other mobile devices. An internet device acts as a sender and collector of the information through a modem or switch.


Modem and Router

A modem receives and transmits the signal to permit access to the Internet. A wireless modem is directly connected to a user’s wireless Internet Service Provider through satellite means to gain access to the Internet. You can establish a wireless network with a device called a wireless router. The purpose of a router is to split the signal and share the signal with two or more computers creating a network. The computers do not even have to be on the same floor of any building. These types of wireless networks are used in public places like international airports.

The wireless signal picked up by other computers with wireless connections enabling the user to browse the Internet easily. Nowadays, many modems are sold both as modems and routers within one unit, which require one device unit to establish a wireless network system setup.

A wireless modem supplies a continuous and very fast Internet connection. It also provides a secure network along with a convenient and flexible wireless internet connection. With wireless modems, you can surf the Internet at higher speeds, which are 100 times more than the traditional analog modem. They allow you to move and use your laptops anywhere in the home or office and not get stuck to desktop computers only. You can take your connected device as far as up to about 1300 feet, and even surf the Internet while enjoying the outdoors.


Where can you find the best wireless internet provider in your area?

Many internet service providers offer wireless internet service at no extra cost, but some may charge an additional monthly fee. Moreover, the wireless Internet may require extra equipment, which may result in higher initial or monthly costs. Our website helps you to find the best internet service provider near me in your area.

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