How To Connect To An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

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An Internet service provider (ISP) is a business or a company that provides customers with Internet access. It also provides services that include Internet transit, web hosting, email hosting, domain name registration, colocation, etc. Internet service providers may be classified in various forms, which include commercial, non-profit, community-owned, or privately owned. They use fiber-optics, copper wire, satellite, and various other forms to provide Internet access to consumers. Another name for the Internet service provider (ISP) is an Internet access provider (IAP).


Various categories of ISP:

Internet Service Providers are categorized as Regional ISP’s and National ISPs.  

Regional ISP’s – A regional ISP is an ISP that mainly provides Internet access to a specific geographic area and usually has a smaller technical support team or customer service team.

National ISP’s – A national ISP is an internet service provider that provides Internet access in cities and towns nationwide. They have a much larger technical support team.


You require a modem and an active account to connect to an ISP. After connecting the modem to the telephone or cable outlet in your house, it communicates with your ISP. Your internet service provider then verifies your account and assigns an IP address to your modem. Once you have an IP address, you will be connected to the Internet. You can use a router to connect multiple devices to the Internet. Each device shares the same public IP address assigned by the ISP, as each device is routed through the same modem.


Internet service providers in Philadelphia

There are three main internet service providers in Philadelphia, which include Xfinity, Verizon (DSL and fiber), and RCN.


Xfinity provides cable service to 93% of the Philadelphia population, with internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps in most of the metro and areas near metro neighborhoods like Spring Garden and Girard Estate. Internet speeds up to 2000 Mbps or 2 Gbps, are offered in less than 10% of the area by Xfinity. It connects many users and internet-enabled devices to an internet connection at fast speeds up to 2000 Mbps in varied locations. Xfinity offers unlimited access to more than 18 million wi-fi hotspots across the nation.


Verizon is the largest DSL and fiber-optic internet provider in Philadelphia. Version DSL uses DSL technology and provides internet speeds ranging from 0.5 to 15 Mbps. Verizon Fios uses fiber-optic internet and provides internet speeds ranging from 100 to 940 Mbps. Verizon Fios provides services in most of the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, including the Queen Village, Spring Garden, Northern Liberties, Rittenhouse Square, and Yorktown neighborhoods, with top internet speeds up to 940 Mbps. It provides coverage to 88% of Philadelphia. Whereas, Verizon DSL provides services in selected areas that only have the option to shop home phone service. It covers 87% of the Philadelphia area. Residents of Philadelphia consider using their services because of many reasons which include the following:


Network reliability – Verizon DSL provides an internet connection, which is 99.9% reliable in spite of any weather or how far is your distance from the provider.


Fast upload speeds – Version Fios provides top upload speeds up to 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps, on a fiber-optic internet connection.


RCN provides fiber internet in the Philadelphia area, including only selected areas like northern southwest Schuylkill and northern area of metro Philadelphia covering 0.02% area. It also offers fiber-optic internet services to a small percentage of Philadelphia with internet speeds ranging from 50 to 1000 Mbps. RCN currently provides internet services to less than 1% of the Philadelphia residents. The advantages of availing its services are that it has no data caps. Therefore, you can game, stream, and browse using an internet connection without data limits. Another advantage is that you need not sign any contract to avail of internet service from RCN. This makes it possible for the customers to opt for month-to-month plans.


Fast Internet service provider in Philadelphia

According to the FCC reports, 63% of Philadelphia has access to speeds up to 250 Mbps. The fastest internet speeds one can find in Philadelphia are as follows:

Xfinity – 2000 Mbps

RCN – 1000 Mbps

Verizon Fios – 940 Mbps

Verizon and Xfinity usually invest in a large network of Wi-Fi hotspots also, to provide internet connection across the nation, to customers while they are outside their homes. You can find free Wi-fi in several places, from popular coffee shops to public transit. Some of the public places where ISP’s provide free Wi-fi are as follows:

  • Coffee shops including Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse and One Shot Cafe
  • Public parks like Dilworth Park, Love Park, and Franklin Square
  • Jefferson, Suburban and University City


How can you find the best ISP?

You can find the information regarding the best and fastest internet service provider in my area by entering the code of your area. Our website helps you to easily find and select the best ISP as per your requirement.

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