What is Cable Internet and How Does it Works

Cable Internet service is one of the Internet access technologies. It has similar features of the cable TV network, which enable it to provide Internet services.

Cable internet offers the service of internet connection from the Internet service provider (ISP) to the customers.

The cable Internet is the most preferred method to provide internet services to residential areas.

It is a broadband Internet access method, which uses the high-bandwidth cable television network to maintain the process of data transmission between the global network and the households.

Get a cable modem at home that will be connected with (Cable Modem Termination System) of your cable ISP.

You can avail the cable Internet access with a cable television subscription and separately. If you avail it separately, it may cost you higher subscription fees due to extra equipment installation costs.


Cable Internet – Home Networking

You can use a connection sharing device, like a router or firewall software to share a cable internet connection with computers on your home LAN.

It is recommended to use a SOHO router as it will provide you with firewall protection for your LAN.

You should make sure to check with your internet service providers before sharing your cable internet connection as it may violate your Terms of Service agreement with your service provider.



In certain places, Internet service providers (ISP) enable you to connect additional computers to your broadband Internet service at an affordable price.

Cable internet service providers generally provide cable modems with security features in the hardware, but if no security measures are in place, it can create a serious issue.

What Are the Various Characteristics of Cable Internet?

Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) System combines both optic fiber cables and coaxial cables.

Fiber cables are used for long-distance networking and telecommunications. They provide higher bandwidth and enable data transmission over longer distances.

Coaxial cables are used to convey voice, video, and data communications to users. It provides higher bandwidth than telephone lines.

In this method of internet access, no dialup connection is required. It provides higher speeds with low infrastructure costs.

Downstream bit rates are as high as 1 GBPS and Upstream bit rates range from 384 KBPS to more than 20 Mbps.

You can connect one downstream channel to hundreds of cable modems.

diagram of how cable internet works in home
How does cable internet works?

How Does Cable Internet Work?

Cable internet uses coaxial cables to deliver electrical signals. These signals are received by a cable internet modem and which, converts these signals into internet service. This method is similar to how a cable TV box gets a message and displays an image.

A coaxial cable supports higher bandwidth than telephone lines, which enables cable internet to provide higher speeds as compared to DSL internet. Moreover, coaxial cables are more commonly used and less expensive than fiber-optic cables. Therefore, cable internet services are more widely available and even lower-priced than fiber-optic internet service.


Cable Internet Service Providers in Houston

Xfinity – It is one of the largest cable and internet providers in Houston. Xfinity provides cable internet services in areas that include Brookhaven, Spring Valley Village, Oates Prairie, Rosslyn, and Harrisburg.

The services provided by Xfinity include seven internet plan options, starting at $29.99-$299.99 per month. It offers internet services with fast download speeds.

Suddenlink– It provides internet services in areas of Houston using cable technology. It covers many of the areas where services provided by Xfinity are not available. Suddenlink offers cable internet services in the areas including Golden Acres, DeWalt, certain areas of downtown Houston, Lamar Terrace, and Foster Place.

The services provided by Suddenlink include four internet plan options, starting at $34.99-$84.99 per month. It also offers internet bundle discounts, which enable you to get internet services at an affordable price.


Best cable internet service providers in your area

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