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Nowadays, what matters is the speed at which you do any work. Whether you are starting some research or even transferring knowledge Internet is something which is the base of your work. Can we assume our world without the Internet? No, of course not.

The Internet providers have put on an extra card which is more powerful and helps them to sustain the pressure which has been raised by other providers which compete.

AT&T the Internet, the provider has spread its wings on almost 22 states of the USA. They prove their active existence by ranking 2nd largest Fiber services provider in the USA. Not only DSL but it also competes in the domain of wireless Internet services.

DSL or Fibre

Its pretty natural that there is a reason for DSL being cheap than Fibre. The speed holds a marginal difference between both of them. Twist copper wires have been used to deliver the data as Electronic frequency which is a traditional way. Still, Fiber happens to be expensive and most importantly, its little complex to build fibre for individual homes. Most users of AT&T are using DSL and usually assume it the same as wire. There is a difference between cable and DSL, and that is slow but consistent wherein the wire the connection stays unstable, but speed happens to be fast.

The prices offered by At&t are affordable. Let's have a deep dive into them.

$29 per month - This is the most affordable plan offered byAT&T and speed that it provides is good according to the price they ask for. The speed it offers is 15 MBPS, and 2 MBPS is the download speed. This speed will work fine if your work is related to sending emails or doing normal surfing.

$50 per month - This plan comes up with free equipment. If we talk about speed, then 100 MBPS is what it provides, and that's beneficial. You can connect to 10 devices at a time, and it gives 99% readability too. This plan is the most famous plan that they provide because in this price range this plan offers plenty of features.

$90 per month - In this plan, you not only pay for the Internet but also for the tv connection. This is known as the U family pack because it provides 180 channels within this amount plus the 99 per cent in readability and surfing. In this pack, you can customize the items according to your wish, for example, in you are need of extra channels then you are good to go.

$110 per month - This pack provides internet plus TV services plus the home phone. This is what we call all in one, and the speed that is offered in this plan is 600 MBPS. The phone home provides 25 new calling features within this plan.

Customer Service

There a saying which is very common in the market and it states that when it comes to selling, then there is god, but when it comes to service or complaint, the same customer becomes a liability. In At&t they mainly focus on customer service intent research, it got a rating of 63, and the highest average rating is 68, so yes they care about their customers even at the time of service.

Customer reviews

The reviews that existing customer gives turn out to be real. From the total customer base, 60 percent customer gave it a rating of 5 out of 7 and that'ss so tough to maintain for so long. In most of the review, what made people happy is the speed and the time to time assistance from the team.


AT&T is mainly focused on keeping the data of their customers very safe and to do that they have attached several firewalls in their existing system. On-time to time intervals they run various tests to confirm the update they need to make in security system plus their verifying order. So your data stay secure.


AT&T has got popularity in the market because they have got some unique technique behind serving their customer in the best way. They are stepping into the market with some fresh plans to be at number 1 in the list of Internet providers. The plans they offer is a mixture of TV services, Internet and Phone home.

The customer can easily choose from DSL and fibre-based upon the speed and financial planning attached to your plan. They have been ranked 2nd in the USA for their best in class services and are growing every single day, thus getting reviews to prove that.

You ust need to know your requirements and later check the speed they can offer to you at your location and then you good to go to experience some speed of the Internet. I hope this article helps you get the right plan from AT&T

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